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table::editor Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Hold user inputs chars and preedit string

Definition at line 56 of file table.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_caret
def add_input
def alt_number
def ap_candidate
def arrow_down
def arrow_left
def arrow_right
def arrow_up
def auto_commit_to_preedit
def backspace
def change_chinese_mode
def clear
def clear_input
def commit_to_preedit
def control_arrow_left
def control_arrow_right
def control_backspace
def control_delete
def delete
def filter_candidates
def get_all_input_strings
def get_aux_strings
def get_caret
def get_chinese_mode
def get_cursor_pos
def get_index
def get_input_chars
def get_input_chars_string
def get_invalid_input_chars
def get_invalid_input_string
def get_lookup_table
def get_preedit_strings
def is_empty
def is_lt_visible
def l_shift
def number
def one_candidate
def over_input
def page_down
def page_up
def pop_input
def r_shift
def remove_after_char
def remove_after_string
def remove_before_char
def remove_before_string
def set_parser
def space
def split_phrase
def update_candidates

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


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