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def table::tabengine::_convert_to_full_width (   self,
) [private]

convert half width character to full width

Definition at line 1097 of file table.py.

01097                                         :
        '''convert half width character to full width'''
        if c in [u".", u"\\", u"^", u"_", u"$", u"\"", u"'", u">", u"<" ]:
            if c == u".":
                if self._prev_char and self._prev_char.isdigit () \
                    and self._prev_key and chr (self._prev_key.code) == self._prev_char:
                    return u"."
                    return u"\u3002"
            elif c == u"\\":
                return u"\u3001"
            elif c == u"^":
                return u"\u2026\u2026"
            elif c == u"_":
                return u"\u2014\u2014"
            elif c == u"$":
                return u"\uffe5"
            elif c == u"\"":
                self._double_quotation_state = not self._double_quotation_state
                if self._double_quotation_state:
                    return u"\u201c"
                    return u"\u201d"
            elif c == u"'":
                self._single_quotation_state = not self._single_quotation_state
                if self._single_quotation_state:
                    return u"\u2018"
                    return u"\u2019"
            elif c == u"<":
                if self._mode:
                    return u"\u300a"
            elif c == u">":
                if self._mode:
                    return u"\u300b"
        return ibus.unichar_half_to_full (c)
    def _match_hotkey (self, key, code, mask):

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