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tabsqlitedb::tabsqlitedb Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Phrase database for tables

Definition at line 41 of file tabsqlitedb.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_goucima
def add_new_phrases
def add_phrase
def add_phrases
def add_pinyin
def cache_goucima
def check_phrase
def check_phrase_internal
def compare
def create_indexes
def create_tables
def drop_indexes
def extra_user_phrases
def find_zi_code
def generate_userdb_desc
def get_database_desc
def get_gcm_id
def get_ime_property
def get_no_check_chars
def get_phrase_table_index
def get_rules
def get_table_phrase_len
def init_user_db
def is_chinese
def optimize_database
def parse_phrase
def parse_phrase_to_tabkeys
def phrase_keys_len
def remove_phrase
def select_words
def select_zi
def sync_usrdb
def u_add_phrase
def update_ime
def update_phrase

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _set_add_phrase_sqlstr

Private Attributes


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